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About Us

Scooteria is a specialist scooter shop based in North Shore, Auckland.  We are direct importers and offer the widest range of quality used Scooters from Japan.  Our main brands are Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki. We specialise in 50cc 2 strokes as this set up currently provides the best performance value for money. All Scooters we sell are backed by our fully equipped service and parts section.  We also have several financing options and we can even offer up to one year mechanical warranty. 

Why a Scooter?

While Scooter usage is very popular around the world specially in traffic ridden Asia and Europe, it has not really caught on in New Zealand.  This will soon change as the benefits and advantages of riding Scooters are becoming well known.

Benefits of riding a Scooter -  

Practical – it’s cheap to purchase and run. It's cheap to purchase and run. NO WOF needed for 50cc and ride with CAR ( LEARNER'S) LICENSE.

Fuel economy – average fuel consumption of 2.5 L per 100 kms, some can even do better than that.  Full tank is less than 10 dollars.  Just do the maths, a Scooter will pay for itself in petrol savings alone!

Easy to park – save on parking tickets!            

Satisfy desire for mobility – get your own “wheels” with less hassle.  A learner’s car license is minimum required!

Can be used anywhere – in the city or a rural setting!

Save money on car maintenance – every one kilometre you ride your scooter equates to one kilometre less you drive on you car.  The less you drive you car the less you need to worry about getting it fixed or warranted!

Scooters are more economical than a motorcycle – cheaper maintenance, registration and insurance.  No warrant of fitness for 50cc.

Nice scooters are also COOL TOYS so depreciation is negligible – just take care of it!